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Complaints Being Filed Against Farmers Insurance with 50 Attorney Generals Across the U.S.

The Ethical Marketing Group is preparing to file criminal complaints of fraud with all 50 state Attorney Generals in regard to the deceptive business practices by Farmers Insurance and the misrepresentation of Credit Collection Services.

Have you been harassed by the company Credit Collection Services? We want to hear from you!

Credit Collection Services is a scam! If you paid this company any money you could be eligible for a refund and damages.

Reply on our blog today!

Ethical Marketing Group Now Fighting Farmers Insurance


We’re excited to announce that the Ethical Marketing Group has agreed to help us litigate against Farmers Insurance! Have you ever received a letter from Credit Collection Services? If so, you could be eligible for damages. Contact EMG today!

This Site Is Gaining Momentum

Thanks everyone for your posts and support in fighting the fraud happening at Farmers Insurance. By merging our efforts we can stop the corporate greed! Unchecked power corrupts. Let’s not let things go unchecked!

Have You Received One Of These Collection Letters From Farmers Insurance?

Have You Received One Of These Collection Letters From Farmers Insurance?

If so, it is a scam!

Farmers Insurance is involved in fraud…please join me in a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit.

When you drop Farmers coverage they extend it as a courtesy…a common practice in the insurance industry. Where they cross the line, unlike other companies who give you a grace period to renew your coverage then drop the matter if you don’t renew, Farmers then charges you for this coverage!

The problem is, you never sign up for it!

But it gets more slimy. They will drop the collection if you send them a copy of your new insurance policy!

They win either way…they find out your new agent, what coverage you carry, how much you pay, and who you have insurance with. Or, they make $200+ off you!

This is collusion! A FELONY!

On two different occasions I’ve asked, under the Freedom of Information Act, how many former clients they have sent these letter to, but they have refused to provide it.

I’ve also asked that they stop contacting me, which they haven’t done for the past 8 months!

So, I’m filing a complaint with all 50 Insurance Commissioners in the U.S., along with all 50 Attorney Generals.

And by the way, calling for a criminal charge against Farmers Insurance executives, including Farmers Insurance CEO, Jeff Dailey.

I’m tired of phone calls and letters! If you are too, join me!

Stop the Farmers Insurance Scam!

It’s called collusion.
Under the freedom of information act we have requested from Farmers Insurance the following information:

-How many of these “frivilous” collections notices have you sent out?

-How much money have you collected using this illegal tactic?
-How many and who are the former customers involved?

Please help us stop this Farmers Insurance scam!

Farmers Insurance Scam

Have you recently cancelled a policy from Farmers Insurance*? Did you receive a letter saying they were going to extend your coverage free of charge? (This is actually a farily common marketing practice by insurance companies to encourage you to reinstate your coverage.) 

Did Farmers then bill you for this extended coverage? (Which is unheard of in the industry.)

Did you refuse to pay? (As you should have!)

Did they send this phony bill to a collection agency and you were hounded by a company called Credit Collection Services? Yet, the “Make Check Payable” recipient was Farmers Insurance?

Then you are part of the most illegal and fradulant insurance scam in modern history!

Please join our pursuit of a class action lawsuit against this criminal corporate activity and those involved! Join our blog and let’s stop this madness!

You will be contacted with details of this pending class-action litigation that violates numerous laws of collusion and interstate fraud in a highly regulated industry. We will call for, among other things, federal criminal charges against Farmers’ CEO Jeff Dailey.

Through the power of social media we can stop this crime and seek amends.

*Farmers & Farmers Insurance are registered trademarks of Farmers.