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Farmers Insurance Scam

July 19, 2012

Have you recently cancelled a policy from Farmers Insurance*? Did you receive a letter saying they were going to extend your coverage free of charge? (This is actually a farily common marketing practice by insurance companies to encourage you to reinstate your coverage.) 

Did Farmers then bill you for this extended coverage? (Which is unheard of in the industry.)

Did you refuse to pay? (As you should have!)

Did they send this phony bill to a collection agency and you were hounded by a company called Credit Collection Services? Yet, the “Make Check Payable” recipient was Farmers Insurance?

Then you are part of the most illegal and fradulant insurance scam in modern history!

Please join our pursuit of a class action lawsuit against this criminal corporate activity and those involved! Join our blog and let’s stop this madness!

You will be contacted with details of this pending class-action litigation that violates numerous laws of collusion and interstate fraud in a highly regulated industry. We will call for, among other things, federal criminal charges against Farmers’ CEO Jeff Dailey.

Through the power of social media we can stop this crime and seek amends.

*Farmers & Farmers Insurance are registered trademarks of Farmers.

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